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Kids Program

About Our Program Director

Rabbi Yanky Lefkovitz


This Pesach, get ready for an endless stream of fantastic entertainment & programming with our Program Director.


Rabbi Yanky Lefkovitz has been involved with Pesach programs for nearly 20 years and looks forward to creating a Yom Tov experience that will be enjoyable for our guests.

Each and every day, will bring a full variety of programming, from our World renowned lecturers to exciting nightly entertainment! Shiurim on numerous, timely & relevant topics, will certainly enhance your spiritual growth, allowing each guest to enjoy a meaningful, growth filled Yom Tov.


An unforgettable lineup bringing you the best & brightest of the Jewish entertainment world today, will allow you to enjoy an endless stream of fabulous shows  for guests of all ages!

Greenwald Caterer’s mouthwatering menus, top tier youth & teen programming , daily fitness classes & personal training, spectacular Chol Hamoed trips, wine tasting , "meet the Shadchan" and a whole lot more await you at the  newly renovated Wyndham Resort in PA.  this Pesach !


We are confident that our amazing staff and spectacular daily schedule, will truly raise the bar this year in defining the ultimate Pesach experience.

Elana Shain

Elana Shain is a certified personal trainer, fitness instructor, and nutritionist. Elana is also the creator of the Power hour fitness DVD series. She has been with Greenwald caterers Pesach program for many years. Elana will be offering a variety of classes, including cardio, interval training, weights, kickboxing, and more.

Mrs. Fayge Rudman - Shadchan

Mrs. Fayge Rudman of Gateways Connections has over 20 years experience working in shidduchim and has been a full time Gateways shadchan for the last ten years. She works with singles of all ages, while providing special focus to shidduchim for singles in their mid-twenties and up, as well as second time singles. Fayge runs events that bring together hundreds of singles from throughout the United States and Canada. She has written for Binah, Ami and the Jewish Press and has been featured in Jewish Action and Inyan.  Known for her sensitivity, warmth and intuition, Fayge lives with her family in Monsey, NY.